"Dedicated to facilitating informed decision-making through the use of time-tested modeling and analysis methodologies from traditional engineering disciplines and applying them to the field of healthcare."

Medical Decision Modeling Inc.

      Medical Decision Modeling Inc.'s mission is to provide products and services that facilitate cost-effective healthcare decisions. MDM's core competencies lie in the development of: 1) engineering-based interactive software applications called medical decision models; 2) evidenced-based pharmaceutical dossiers; and 3) the database analysis of electronic claims and medical records to inform the models, dossiers, and other decision tools.

Mission Statement

To successfully develop, analyze, and communicate scientifically-defensible health and economic value messages for our client's external and internal stakeholders.

    We moved into new offices effective May, 2017. Our new addresses are 3500 Depauw Blvd, Suite 1037, Indianapolis, IN 46268 and 201 N. Illinois Street, Suite 1175, Indianapolis, IN 46204.