Portfolio of Expertise


  • Types of databases
    • Insurance claims data
    • Electronic health record (EHR) data
    • Ad hoc databases, e.g., randomized controlled trial (RCT) databases, patient registries, patient reported outcomes (PRO) databases
  • Types of analyses
    • Burden of illness
    • Cost impact
    • Treatment effect
    • Prevalence/incidence
    • Market share estimation
  • Types of methodologies (Observational)
    • Cross sectional
    • Longitudinal
      • Prospective and Retrospective
    • Case control

Propensity matched cohorts


Systematic literature reviews

  • Meta analyses
    • Traditional (frequentist) and Network (Bayesian)
  • Analysis of randomized clinical trial (RCT) data

Advanced Data Analytics

  • Statistical design of studies
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis
  • Analysis of variance
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Survival analysis


  • Economic modeling – both early stage and product launch models (including HTA submission models)
    • Cost effectiveness (CE)
    • Cost utility (denominator of CE ratio is utility-based measure [QALYs])
    • Cost benefit (benefits converted to purely monetary terms)
    • Cost minimization (interventions assumed equally efficacious, which has least cost?)
    • Budget impact (BI)
    • Epidemiological models
  • Process modeling – evaluation of the delivery of health care services from a health care provider system perspective
    • Resource planning
    • Optimization
  • Leveraging economic and process models to inform launch strategy including product pricing, indication prioritization, market selection, etc.
  • Quality control audits of existing models

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Submission Support (e.g., NICE [UK], ICER [US])

  • Partner with clients in preparation of HTA submission materials
  • Economic expert representation at appraisal meetings
  • Part of rapid response client support team for HTA inquiries post submission

Dossiers – Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Reimbursement

  • Global
  • US-focused (e.g., Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy [AMCP]) and other specific focus


  • abstracts/posters/manuscripts
  • slide decks
  • development of iPad (and other mobile device hardware) applications

Management of relationships between client and third-party organizations (TPOs)

  • Due to contracting process inefficiencies or client procurement department prohibitions, more efficient for MDM to subcontract directly with TPO

Custom software development for health and economic outcomes research purposes